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The Great Nevada Lithium Rush to Fuel the New Economy – by Paul Tullis (Bloomberg News – March 29, 2017)

The race is on to get the mineral out of Clayton Valley and into your iPhones, Bolts, and Powerwalls.

John Rud has been riding the peaks and valleys of the commodities markets around North America since he left the University of Oregon 55 years ago with a master’s degree in geology. “The valleys are real broad, and the peaks are real narrow,” he likes to say. Copper in Canada. Silver in Texas. Gold in Mexico.

Iron in Arizona. Uranium in Utah. In one 18-year stretch, Rud and his wife moved 27 times. “I got to where I could load up a house in a U-Haul truck starting at 4 p.m., be done by midnight, and be on the next job by morning,” he says. “I considered that quite a talent.” (His wife was rather less impressed and eventually left him.)

Rud—pronounced like the adjective—typically shows up in an area with abundant stores of a natural element that looks set for a price spike, puts his geology skills to work finding a lode, files a claim under the General Mining Act of 1872, and waits for the phone to ring. Continue Reading →

World’s 10 Top Producing Gold Mines – by Paul Ausick (247 – January 22, 2017)

From a peak of more than $1,900 in mid-2011, gold prices dropped below $1,100 in 2015 before rising to around $1,400 last summer. On Friday, the February delivery price settled at $1,210.20, up about $100 since mid-December. The price of gold generally rises in periods of inflation and periods of economic uncertainty.

This is certainly one of the latter and may be the beginning of one of the former. The consumer price index topped 2% last week, and November’s election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S.

President has presented investors with plenty of uncertainty. A strong dollar also tends to weigh on the price of gold, and Trump has made clear his belief that the dollar is overvalued compared with the Chinese yuan. If the dollar sinks, interest in gold rises. Continue Reading →

Nevada Day: 152 years of mining in Silver State – by Dana Bennett (Reno Gazette-Journal – October 28, 2016)

Dana Bennett is President of the Nevada Mining Association.

Mining played a central role in the Silver State’s heritage. In the decades following statehood, mining boom and busts would affect the state’s population and economy. Mining districts like the Comstock, Rochester and Tonopah helped build the very foundations of Nevada history.

Nevada Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate Nevada’s rich heritage – mining and otherwise – but also provides for us a great opportunity to take a step back and realize how much Nevada has changed in the last 152 years.

It goes without saying since then the world has changed immeasurably, and today’s Nevada is barely recognizable. Nevada has become a home for high-tech manufacturing with companies like Tesla and Faraday moving in, and Nevada firms like Switch help connect people all over the world. Continue Reading →

Nevada mine opponents take water battle to appeals court – by Benjamin Spillman (Reno Gazette Journal – October 17, 2016)

The battle to block development of a molybdenum mine in Nevada’s rural Diamond Valley is scheduled to resume Tuesday in San Francisco.

That’s where lawyers on both sides of the fight over the proposed Mt. Hope mine near Eureka will make arguments about the project opponents say will have a devastating effect on local water supplies.

“We are having some serious water issues in Diamond Valley right now so adding that mine would just be a huge mistake,” said Carolyn Bailey, whose family has been ranching and farming near the proposed mine site since 1863. Continue Reading →

[Barrick/Kinross] Mine makes way for wildlife – by Adella Harding (Elko Daily Free Press – August 26, 2016)

Bald Mountain Mine south of the Ruby Mountains has started expansion work now that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has approved an alternate plan that mitigates concerns about mule deer migration, including a major cut in the acreage that can be disturbed.

The plan also eases concerns about sage grouse habitat, wild horses and views from the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. “Water also was one of those considerations,” said Jill Moore, Bristlecone Field Office manager for the Ely BLM district.

The chosen alternative will disturb 3,097 acres, compared with the original proposal for an expansion that would disturb 7,097 acres. “That’s a 56 percent reduction in proposed disturbance,” said Stephanie Trujillo, assistant field manager for the Ely BLM District’s Bristlecone Field Office. “A lot of it is environmental impact reduction.” Continue Reading →

Commentary: Western officials fear new EPA rules could cripple mining operations – by Thomas Mitchell (Elko Daily Free Press – August 24, 2016)

There is growing fear among officials across the West that in the waning days of the Obama administration his Environmental Protection Agency may enact regulations that could cost the hard rock mining industry billions of dollars, jeopardizing jobs and entire communities.

Earlier this year, the EPA, as is its wont, settled a lawsuit from a passel of self-styled environmental groups by agreeing to write further regulations requiring additional financial assurances — in the form of expensive surety bonds — that mining sites will be adequately cleaned up and reclaimed at the end of operations.

The court gave the EPA until Dec. 1 to write these new rules. Lest we forget, it was the geniuses at the EPA who bungled the reclamation of the Gold King mine near Silverton, Colo., a year ago, dumping millions of gallons of toxic-metal-laced pollutants into the Animas River, turning it a bright yellow. Continue Reading →

Newmont’s Carlin team wins national mine rescue competition: Barrick’s Turquoise Ridge team won first in one of the technician portions (Elko Daily Free Press – August 8, 2016)

RENO – Newmont Mining Corp.’s Carlin Team beat out 35 teams from 16 states nationwide to finish first at the 2016 National Metal and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest in Reno.

The Carlin team came in third in the field competition, first place for first aid and second for team tech (BG4) during the four-day event held July 25-28 in Reno. Barrick Gold’s “Turquoise Ridge Regulators” from Golconda, came in first in the bio technician team competition.

Co-hosted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration and the Nevada Mining Association, mine rescue competitions gauge the readiness of teams and their individual members – sharpening skills and testing their knowledge in a series of simulated emergency scenarios, such as a mine fire, explosion or roof collapse. Continue Reading →

There is a race for lithium going on in Nevada – by Phil LeBeau ( – July 25, 2016)

Ever since electric carmaker Tesla announced plans to build a battery plant outside Reno, Nevada, investors, fans of Elon Musk’s company and others around the world have started paying attention to the silver state’s large lithium deposits.

Lithium is a key component in the production of batteries used in cell phones and electric vehicles. As sales of electric vehicles, which topped 500,000 worldwide last year, increase, so is demand for lithium. “Every new mine that we can find needs to be brought online and it needs to be done as fast as possible,” said Patrick Highsmith, CEO of Pure Energy Minerals.

Highsmith’s company is exploring how much lithium is in the water tables deep below the Nevada desert in Clayton Valley. This valley, halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, is ringed by mountains and home to one of the largest lithium deposits in North America. Continue Reading →

Kinross eyes expansions at its new gold mines in Nevada – by Cecilia Jamasmie ( – June 29, 2016)

Canada’s Kinross (TSX:G) (NYSE:KGC), the world’s fifth largest gold producer, believes it can increase reserves at its Bald Mountain and Round Mountain mines, which it acquired from Barrick Gold (TSX, NYSE:ABX) late last year.

The company, which is looking to strengthen its portfolio in North America, has increased its exploration budget for the year by 50% to $9 million as “promising results” at Bald Mountain have “reaffirmed Kinross’ confidence in the site’s significant upside potential,” it said in a market update ahead of an analyst tour this week.

Kinross, which operates two mines in Russia and also owns the problem-plagued Tasiast operation in Mauritania, also see great potential in its other Nevada-based mien — Round Mountain. Continue Reading →

Gold supply to drop by 7 pct by 2021 – Newmont CEO – by Michael Allan McCrae ( – June 20, 2016)

Due to the past price performance of gold, supply is constrained says Gary Goldberg, president and CEO of Newmont Mining. “We see the medium- to long-term as being very good,” said Goldberg in an interview with earlier this month talking about gold prices and buying trends in India and China.

“I think you have seen a decrease in supply as there has been less investment in new properties. We are one of the few who are building two brand-new mines: Merian-Suriname and Long Canyon in Nevada. “Overall, we see gold supply dropping by about 7% by 2021.”

Transcript is edited for brevity and clarity. Who are you.

Gary Goldberg: I am Gary Goldberg. I am the president and CEO of Newmont Mining. Continue Reading →

Digging for Careers: Mining is in Megan Tibbals blood – by Marianne Kobak McKown (Elko Daily Free Press – May 14, 2016)

CARLIN – The mining industry may run in Megan Tibbals DNA. She has worked at Newmont Mining Corp.’s Gold Quarry Mine for 14 years, but she has been around the industry all her life.

Tibbals said five people in her family have been miners — her great-grandfather, grandfather, father, uncle and herself. Her father moved the family around while he worked for mining companies in several states, and he still works in the industry. Most of his career was spent working for smaller mining companies

“I think when we were young he moved to Goldfield and my mom said she wasn’t moving there,” Tibbals said. “So we stayed in Denver a little while longer.” After her father got a job working for a mine near Winnemucca the family moved, and that’s where Tibbals grew up. Continue Reading →

Grace under pressure: Nevada Turquoise Ridge miners recognized for rescue operation after rock failure traps colleagues (Barrick Beyond Borders – May 4, 2016)

Leo Sanchez has worked at the Turquoise Ridge mine for 11 years, but he won’t soon forget the night of February 3, 2016. The shift started like any other. Sanchez, North Zone Supervisor at the Nevada-based underground mine, was reviewing survey maps with John Conklin, South Zone Supervisor. At 10:30 p.m., Sanchez’s radio sounded. It was Jonathon Long.

“I need you guys down here,” Sanchez recalls Long saying in a calm but urgent voice.

It was highly unusual to request both supervisors so Sanchez knew immediately something wasn’t right. When he arrived in Zone 4, the area in the north zone where Long was working with colleagues Gerald Hinz and David Reed, he understood why. A rock failure had occurred. The three miners were unhurt but partially cut off by more than 30 tons of downed rock. The ventilation system was damaged but still functional.

Sanchez and Conklin quickly but calmly assessed the situation to determine how best to safely extract the men. Continue Reading →

Is This The Hottest Acreage In The Lithium Rush? – by James Burgess (Oil – April 27, 2016)

As our lithium-dependent energy revolution unfolds, prices soar and supply remains euphorically tight, a savvy newcomer is the first to cast a much wider exploration net over America’s ground-zero lithium state of Nevada, hedging smart geological bets that there’s lithium beyond Clayton Valley.

The lithium space is becoming a frantic game of who can get their hands on the choicest new mining acreage and who can launch new production fastest. And in North America, it’s all going down in the state of Nevada, which is the staging ground for a U.S. lithium boom that will feed the manufacturing beasts for everything from EVs, battery gigafactories, powerwalls and energy storage solutions to the long and growing list of consumer electronics that we use every day.

Lithium demand just for electric vehicles is set to rise by 70,000 tons every time EV market share jumps only 1 percent. And this fails to account for the brilliant launch of Tesla’s Model 3 EV on 31 March, which saw 325,000 advance sales worth $14 million in only one week, definitively bringing the electric car into our mainstream. Continue Reading →

Editorial: Mines prepare for impact of earthquakes (Elko Daily Free Press – April 27, 2016)

Nevada’s gold mines have taken steps to prepare for the effects of earthquakes, at a time when technology is also making advances in how to predict them.

Earthquakes pose a serious threat to miners, both underground and open pit, as our report in the latest Weekend Edition of the Elko Daily Free Press pointed out. Mines have shut down operations and evacuated miners in response to earthquakes as a safety precaution.

Everyone remembers when a copper-gold mine in Chile collapsed in 2010 a few months after a major earthquake, trapping 33 miners. Efforts to save the miners stretched out for a record 69 days, resulting in their miraculous survival. The drama drew global attention and prompted the motion picture titled “The 33.” Continue Reading →

Mining group latest to sue government over sage-grouse land use plans (Elko Daily – April 20, 2016)

ELKO – The American Exploration & Mining Association has joined in the fight over federal land use plans and sage-grouse.

The group filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the federal government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking to overturn the Sage-Grouse Great Basin and Rocky Mountain Records of Decision and underlying land use plan amendments in seven western states. The lawsuit is against the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service and several federal employees.

AEMA becomes the latest to challenge the plans following lawsuits lodged by the states of Idaho, Utah, nine Nevada counties, the Wyoming Coalition of Local Governments, ranchers, miners and various industry groups. Elko and Eureka counties, a few mining companies, and the Nevada Attorney General were among the first groups to file. Continue Reading →